Thursday, January 17, 2013

Stash Busting .. the easy way

A few days ago Nicole posted about joining the Stash Busting Challenge  Now even tho I do have a lot of yarn, I am not ready to de-stash it.  Most of the Yarn I use up in my Yarn Bombing exploits with the Yarn Corner Group.
However .. .. ..  I do have a lot of embroidery threads, and I no longer embroider
so to prove to Nicole that I could de-stash something, I took the whole box along to our Craft Group on Wednesday night, and now I have about 1/3rd of a box LESS.  

So, next time I see a lonely bag of embroidery threads at an Op Shop I wont feel so guilty about bringing them home.

The Aim of the Stash Busting Challenge is to show what you did with your stash so as I only did give-aways I can't really join in.
However, I am knitting frantically for the huge Yarn Corner covers City Square Project (Swanston St, Melbourne) on January 27th.  28 Trees will be decorated in the colours of the rainbow for all to see for a whole month !


  1. What a pretty colourful stash. I really would like to learn embroidery.

  2. I totally need to have a de-stash too, i could use the space for new purchases ;)
    Can't wait to see the results for the city yarn bombing - may be even worth a trip to the big smoke for this country bumpkin!

  3. i'm proud of your de-stashing lyndel :D
    thanks for the threads too!