Monday, January 28, 2013

Finally, some nice Vintage Retro Shopping for Myself

On the weekend granddaughter LJ, and I decided to pop into the Waverley Antique Bazaar for a bit of a look around.  They seem to attract the kind of sellers I like, lots of Retro, lots of quirky, unusual bits and pieces.   My regular readers from last year will know I moved from a large house to a small unit and de-cluttered in a big way.  Well I am finding the black and white of the new kitchen a bit too stark and boring so I had decided to jazz it up a bit with some green and aqua colours.
I had a few pieces here, and at Waverley I found a lovely little piece of retro fabric to put into a frame to hang on the wall and a couple of jars and some sweet Czechoslovakian green glass bowls with gold trim (with original stickers underneath)
As we were about to leave, there was an announcement that one of the Stalls was closing down, that day, and for the last hour of the day everything was $1 a piece.  LJ and I went to look and found that large jar, the green bowls and amazingly, THREE Margaret Preston prints.  Last week Helen, at Objects of Whimsy  had mentioned Margaret Preston and I commented how much I loved her work, now I have 3 framed prints on the wall for a total price of $3.


That was a successful end to LJ's Melbourne holiday, and she helped me choose where in the  room to place them.

After that, there was only an exciting Sunday to spend in Melbourne before she flew home again.
Later in the week I'll update my other blog with news of what Yarn Bombing exploits we got up to on Sunday, but as I haven't put anything up on that blog for a long time, I'll have to do some catch up first.


  1. Ooh lovely finds. Gorgeous prints.
    Sounds like LJ had a lovely visit.
    I have some vintage aqua cotton to share with you for the new dishcloths.

    1. oh exciting! I just finished a Tea cosy, need something new to start

  2. Lovely finds Lyndel, what a bargain ;) I've recently had a couple of crochet lessons, still learning to master that one ;)

  3. Oh, your Margaret Preston's were such a great $1, that's amazing. I like your little glass bowl too, perfect for trifle.

  4. Oh WOW those Margaret Preston prints are amazing, I would have nabbed them in a second. I went to the QLD art gallery years ago to see an exhibition of hers. She was an amazing and inspiring women.

  5. What an absolute bargain those prints were - they're really lovely.