Sunday, January 27, 2013

Oppy -- -- -- my one and only Doll

This is Oppy, she is the only Doll I own, but when I read Clare's blog and saw some of the Dolls others had, I knew I just had to share Oppy with you.

My dear daughter-in-law from Sydney was visiting Melbourne one weekend in 2009 and we tripped around a few Op shops looking for fabrics and vintage goodies.  At the time Emily was making lots of these cute Softies, and this one, (supposedly a Giraffe) arrived in my mailbox a few weeks later.  She has a tag on her arm stating that her name is Oppy.  I was immediately smitten.  She lives in my bedroom, close to my vintage suitcase collection.
Pop over to Clare's blog if you would like to see more well loved dolls, and maybe you'd like to share your favourites too.


  1. She is very sweet. Love the sleepy eyes and that mischievous smile.
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Oppy is a cutie Lyndel. I love her lopsided little smile.

  3. Oppy is a real cutie! Thanks so much for linking up and playing xx

  4. Oppy is sweet - look at those little ears!

  5. How gorgeous, and even better that she was made just for you. I am sure you will treasure Oppy always, Tam x