Saturday, January 26, 2013

Paparazzi ..

On Friday my granddaughter, LJ and I took the tram into Melbourne so she could try out some cityscape photos with her new camera lens.  Quite fittingly at Federation Square was an art installation of Paparazzi Dogs,  so I took the opportunity to catch her using her camera.

We were just about to catch the tram home when who did I spy but one of my favourite TV Panelists Russel Howcroft from Gruen Planet
So I became the paparazzi and snapped him.  He did smile and wave to us when I recognized him and said it was OK to photograph him, which LJ did, but he just continued with his phonecall.
This is my pic.
LJ thinks it is hilarious that I would even want to photograph a celebrity, hard to explain to her what a groovy granny I really am!


  1. Kids these days, eh? I love the Gruen shows too!

  2. Go Granny!

    (and say Hi to LJ for me please Lyndel)

  3. Ha ha. Teens really have no clue!
    Have fun tomorrow, I hope she takes lots of photos.