Saturday, October 20, 2012

Work in Progress

I have owned this lovely little chair for ages, a Camberwell Market find about 20 years ago.
It is very much in need of a make-over if it is to live in our new Unit.

 I have quite a collection of Granny Rugs, seems I cannot pass one in an Op Shop without buying it.
One in particular was a favourite, quite old, crocheted in multi colour and black, in 4ply wool.  Unfortunately, there were many holes in it, some I could mend, some were too big, so I couldn't use it as a rug / blanket.
Today, I decided to cut it up and cover the chair, so far so good . . .

I will post more photos over the weekend or early next week, as I get it finished.


  1. It's going to look lovely when it's finished Lyndel x

  2. Onhhhh it will look fab, look forward to seeing the end result.