Friday, October 19, 2012

New Home, New Computer, fresh start

Well here I am on my new laptop, in my new study, in my new home.
What a year it has been, in June  we sold our home of 19 years --- this one 
and Vic and I moved into a unit not far away.  It took me several months to pack and move as we had over 30 years of accumulated 'stuff' to find space for or sell or store.  I have managed to do a bit of each, and now have our new unit looking like 'home'

Unfortunately Vic's health has deteriorated and he is presently in Rehab after a short stay in hospital.  We are hoping that after some physio he' ll be able to come home, with the use of some mobility aids. Fingers crossed on that one.

I think I am ready to get back into blogging, but my camera has decided it doesn't want to work now, so that will be the next thing on my shopping list.

Not doing so much Op Shopping these days, as I don't have room for all the things I own now, let alone buying more, but I do pop into some of my regulars for a 'look' occasionally.
I have a nice small garden now, and I do enjoy looking after that, no veggies yet, but a thriving herb garden and some lovely flowers.

I am still knitting, Yarn Bombing, and am an active member of the Yarn Corner on facebook,  enjoying joining in on many of their projects, including yarn bombing a complete Tractor for the Royal Melbourne Show this year.  That was a lot of fun, and my piece, with sheep attached, was on the top of the motor section, so I even got a good look at it on TV when one of the morning shows did a report from the Arts and Crafts Pavilion.


  1. Hi Lyndel, you don't know how happy I am to see this post of yours pop up. I have been wondering and wondering about you...where you were, were you well, why you disappeared etc etc. I'm sorry to read about your husband, and I hope he'll be home again with you soon. It must've been a very emotional experience for you to sell your home (I'm a bit of a gypsy myself - I think it would be a miracle if we stayed in the same house for that long!) but I'm glad you've settled into your new one, starting a garden etc. Most of all I'm just glad you're ok (I did try to get in touch with you ages ago but had no luck) Anyway, marathon comment, but take care Lyndel and I hope you keep popping up in my reader list, Kylie x

  2. Hey Lyndel ... Great to have you back blogging ... Cheers

  3. Wow I'd been wondering what was happening with you!! What a lovely home you've sold but I'm sure the move will make life easier in the ways that count. Good to see you back.xx.