Sunday, September 18, 2011

a lovely surprise ...

A lovely parcel arrived in the mail for me this week and I can only say not only was I surprised at its arrival,(as I had completely forgotten about it), but the contents were so sweet and the accompanying letter and card absolutely lovely.

Some time ago I entered a give away, run by Sarah at thimbles and crumbles
at that time Sarah was making the sweetest brooches from vintage completed embroideries and making sweet lavender sachets from Unworked embroideries, with their simple, clear lines.  she also wraps things in pretty cotton, see the embroidery frame? it is now holding a ribbon with a picture frame attached, on my bedroom wall, and I feel sure my young grand daughter will lay claim to the 2 pretty hand made hair clips next week.

All the above were wrapped in some pretty white cotton, hand stamped with pink flowers.

I did feel rather special, and it came at just the right time, as I've had a couple of 'down' weeks lately, and not done much blogging.

Sarah has not been blogging either, she's had computer and Internet problems and changes in her life that take up lots of her time.  I hope we' ll see her back here again soon.

so, thank you Sarah.♥


  1. That's lovely. There's nothing like a parcel at the front door to make one's heart skip with anticipation.

    You have some beautiful things there. I hope your weeks are 'up' from now on. Maybe that grandaughter might visit to cheep you up.

  2. Lovely surprise has LL got her package yet.

  3. Surprise post is the best - hope you rediscover you blogging mojo soon. I've been a bit quiet but I will be returning with a vengeance now my littlest has started nursery

  4. Darling Lyndel saw your comment you must get youself a new laptop!! I see many quite cheap now and I bought mine thru no interest (its how I pay all my electricals and high cost thngs.) HOPE yours does last tho sending some pixie dust your way seems Miss 5 or as she likes to be caled Izzy tho her name is Bailey lol has lots of

  5. Hi Lyndel,I haven't noticed you "around the traps" lately...just wanted to say Hello, I'm thinking of you and that I hope you are o.k.