Friday, September 9, 2011

Is my Tea Cosy? I'll say it is !

I read a cute post about having a Tea Cosy over at duchess declutters blog, so I followed the link to Enchanted Moments to show off my not so woolly Tea Cosy.

I have been married to an Englishman for over 30 years now, and one thing we do have at home it Tea, from a ceramic, (never metal) Teapot, with real Tea Leaves, 2-3 or even 4 times a day!!  We have always had tea cosies, fabric, woolly, knitted, crocheted, felt.. you name it.  However a year or so ago the then current Tea Pot broke and I went shopping for a new one.  I came across this darling at T2 shop. It's French, white ceramic, with a felt lined metal sleeve that fits over to keep your tea warm (and serves as a lid)   The tea leaves are in an infuser inside the pot.  Vic loves it, easy to use, and keeps the tea very warm for that much loved second-cup.
Ours is the larger size, but from memory they came in 3 different sizes.

I rarely make the Tea, that has been Vic's job since the week I met him.  He also used to make the Tea at work, and at home for his Mum and family since he was a little kid.  He drinks his milk, (in first), no sugar.  I have milk with one!

So, I'm linking up with Enchanted Moments to show off my very Cosy Teapot.


  1. I like it! What a great idea - that sleeve would really keep it nice and cosy. I have my tea just that same way as your Vic, though I am trying really hard to switch over to green tea. It's just not the same (obviously)!

  2. great idea I use a bag arent I terrible?I also only drink green tea at brekky.
    Whats your fav?
    Re your comment my boots- I nearly goit rid of them as they are slightly tight with socks but then the horader in me said no just wait.
    I was actillay going to paint them white but needed pirate boots (post coming soon) so left them black and am on hunt for another pair to paint white lol.

  3. Great tea cosy. I was always taught that the milk goes in first. Nothing better than a good cup of tea.

  4. Love it. I've got one very similar - although it's a coffee pot and it's German, I think.

  5. It looks very sleek and modern. I'm so glad it keeps the tea hot for seconds.

  6. I love tea cosies but I don't drink tea!

    E :)

  7. Hi Lyndel

    check this out I know yo will love it!

    couldn't work out how else to contact you...

    Kylie x

  8. That is an interesting concept - metal cosy over a ceramic pot! Kind of Scandinavian-look. Ken and I are like you and Vic - loose leaf tea in the ceramic pot - two cups each after dinner at night. Perfect end to a busy day.

  9. Another tea fanatic - yay!! This is a very clever tea pot by the French I must say and yes, we always look forward to that delicious second cup!

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