Monday, August 8, 2011

moving along my Mantelpiece .. on a Monday

I didn't get around to moving along the Mantelpiece last week, so I'll cover 2 sections today.
First up we have a group of Doulton Stoneware the Pixie and the Queen of Spades are what Doulton called Bibelots, made around 1925, just little trinket dishes.
The white baby on a blue plinth is a bit earlier, probably 1910
the ashtray on the far right is a Doulton advertising piece, for their Pipe Works, and features a small drain pipe in the center.
moving right along...
a large Doulton Ale Jug with a motto on the front
a miniature cast iron fireplace  [we have a collection of these... well we have THREE different, so I guess that's a collection],
and a recent purchase a KOSTA BODA glass owl.. so cute. I bought him to re-sell but once i had him in the house I could not bear to part with him (well not just yet anyhow).

so there you have a few more centimeters of our very long mantelpiece, and we have not reached the end yet.

If you have interesting things on your mantelpiece why not pop over to Fortune Favours... and add them to the list of Monday Mantelpieces.


  1. Those Bibelot's are wonderful, I would love to have a Queen of Hearts trinket dish. Also loving the owl and the mini fireplace, where ever did you find those?????

    Thanks for playing along, as always :)

  2. Estelle, most came from Auctions here and in UK over the last 30+ years. Vic and I have been collectors forever!

  3. Love the owl of course! Thanks for the link to Betty Jo her stuff is amazing!

    E :)

  4. Hi Lyndel, hope you and Vic are well. Love the Doulton collections, and the owl is gorgeous! I would have kept him too! Tam x

  5. I love your owl too and I dont think I've ever seen a miniture cast iron mantelpiece, now I have a dolls house too do up I'm keeping my eyes peeled!

  6. Looking forward to seeing more of your collection/s, your stuff is always interesting.x.