Sunday, August 7, 2011

Knit one, Purl one, over and over again ..

Some of my readers will know I am a keen Yarn Bomber, happy to add a splash of colour to otherwise mundane poles and seats and bus stops. If you are not familiar with this form of street art, check out my other blog, Blue poles.....

Well my fellow knit and crochet friends, from The Yarn Corner (a facebook group) are at present working on two new installations for Melbourne, so imagine how happy I was to come across this whole basket full of wool.  It was gifted to me by a lovely lady who can no longer knit, aren't I a lucky girl!
The basket is just perfect for keeping my current 'project' in, and the spare wool is in one of my vintage suitcases.

Here's just a sneak peek at my September project...
I only started yesterday, and the aim is to do the whole lot in black / grey / silver tones.

so although not strictly a Flea Market Find, but rather a Lucky Find, I'm linking up with Sophie's blog and all the other wonderful stories of weekly treasures.


  1. mmmmm...I.was.admiring.someone'

  2. I've just had a look at Blue Poles etc. can't believe I haven't checked it out before...oh well, I'll definetely keep an eye on it now...I love the whole yarn bombing thing, don't see it very often here in Perth though(once)...we're a bit slow to catch on...
    Your September project looks of my favourite colour combos x

  3. That was a lovely gift! i have never heard of it before so I will be sure to check your other blog out! Maybe it's because I'm a Perth girl haha

    E :)

  4. Love the colours of your current project Lyndel. How wonderful to receive such a lovely gift. Lovely yarn and the basket is sweet too.
    Although not a yarn bomber myself I have seen a bit of it around my local shops and it always gives me a smile.There is a bicycle that makes semi regular appearances that is completely covered in yarn and mostly sunshine yellow. I really must try to get a photo next time it pops up. It cheers up the urban landscape no end and is much nicer than most graffiti!

  5. Great score on all that wool I think I have retired my needles for this year maybe I really want to get into sewing again.
    re those hats yes kangools erky to touch so will move them on soon

  6. wow! I don't think I have ever seen yarn bombing! Love it!!!!

  7. Love yarn bombing! Not much of it here in Wisconsin but I enjoy the pics I see :)

  8. I love yarn bombing. You clever girl! Some 'ladies' have started doing it here in Lismore...but I think they only do it if they have money given to them. Also, the local yobs go around destroying them. Makes me so angry. I will keep an eye on the other blog site as well.