Friday, November 9, 2012

3 weeks later.... and then there were Two !

After I started on Chair Number One, and remembering I was going to cover the arms, stretcher bars etc. I was given another, very similar chair, covered in cream vinyl. So I decided that this one, old, torn, Granny Square Rug from an Op shop find ages ago could cover TWO chairs.
 and indeed it has ! I have polished the armrests and stretchers and decided each one has just enough colour.

My husband Vic has recently returned home from a long hospital stay, and has a few mobility problems. Both the OT and PT staff at Rehab. suggested he should always sit in a high back chair, with arms.  Such chairs provide the necessary support, and feeling the the arm of a chair before sitting, and when standing,  often avoids a fall.  These are just perfect for  Vic to use.

I just love the colours and could look at them all day!


  1. Oh, I love them Lyndel. I am so happy that Vic is home with you now and I am sure that he will love using these chairs. Take care, Tam x

  2. Two chairs are better than one and you've done a lovely job on these Lyndel. Usually those chairs the rehab staff suggest for Vic are so ugly. Your version is anything but.
    I love them x

  3. These are so pretty and cheery. Brilliant job.

  4. You are clever! I love old granny square rugs too, and never thought to recycle them like this...but I don't have a spare chair to use anyway ;-) Glad Vic is back home, and hope that you are coping okay. Do take care of yourself as well as him..